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In order to give value to the figure of Rossini as a refined connoisseur of fine food, the Committee “La cucina di Gioacchino Rossini” has been established, with regulations approved by the Pesaro City Council, to promote activities of popularization and rediscover of Rossini Gourmet.

Several proposals are available at Casa Rossini:   Audio-guided tasting  – Cantina RossiniHospitality

Gioachino Rossini was a great connoisseur of gastronomy, knowledgeable gourmand and lover of fine food. Biographical anecdotes include, for example, what he wrote to some friends while he was composing the Stabat Mater: “I am looking for musical motifs, but all I can think of are pasties, truffles and similar foods .” Another of his emblematic phrases: “I have cried three times in my life: when my first opera was whistled, when I heard Paganini play, and when a turkey stuffed with truffles fell into the water during a boat trip.”

Rossini’s gourmet fame has always existed, when he was alive and then in the decades to come, nurtured by anecdotes. 

Certainly the chronicles of his contemporaries, the composer’s own letters testify to the procurements and the donations of typical grocery of excellence, the enthusiasm for discovered cooking secrets, the meticulous care in drawing up menus.

Behind this passion, however, there is not only the concession to gluttony, an easy pretext for superficial and sketchy portraits, but there is the cultural atmosphere that Rossini breathed, starting with those cafés, places of delicacies but especially of debate, where artists, musicians and librettists met together with theater directors and impresarios. It was the same Parisian elite who frequented the canteen and salon of Rossini’s house who regarded gastronomy and conviviality as intellectual and aesthetic experiences, about which they could discours with expertise and refinement (French painters and writers composed recipe books and texts of gourmandise, with great pride).

Rossini’s friend was also Carème, a chef-creator of memorable banquets, a master confectioner who considered pastry a branch of architecture, and his superb triumphs turned out perfect copies of monuments and masterpieces of art. After all, the Maestro’s own works inspired dishes and cakes, and alongside the absolute pleasure of his music his works often recount events and conversations that cite the pleasantness and ritual of the set table, with all its joys.

It is not surprising, even improperly, that many have coined the phrase “Rossini-style” as an absolute guarantee of sublime deliciousness, from Carème his contemporary to the pizza chefs and barmen of our day.

Tommaso Lucchetti


duration group time activity
Audio guided Tasting Rossini Gourmet 30 minutes 8 – 15 pers. available upon order Audio guided Tasting Rossini Gourmet 15€/pers.
Tasting light Cantine Rossini 1 hour (about) 10 – 25 pers. available upon order Tasting of local wines 10€/pers.

Participants of Rossini Gourmet activities can purchase the Combined ticket Pesaro Musei reduced price.

Special rates for tour operators.

Possibility to arrange more elaborate Tastings at the Hospitality Area.

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